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TOEFL Overview

TOEFL is a shorthand for “Test of English as a Foreign Language” which is a test of English language competency. The TOEFL iBT assesses your ability to read, listen, speak, and write in English, as well as how well you combine these abilities in the curriculum.

Structure of TOEFL 


The listening component consists of six lengthy chapters with associated questions. Two student interactions and four academic lectures or conversations make up the passages. The students must determine the key concepts, details, function, position, conclusions, and general organization in order to answer the questions.


The reading component consists of 3-5 large sections with associated questions. Students respond to questions pertaining to key principles, details, assumptions, sentence re-statements, sentence insertion, vocabulary, function, and overall thoughts. In the iBT, different versions of questions demand paraphrasing, filling out tables, or writing summaries.


The writing section consists of two tasks, one integrated task and one independent task. Students compose an essay about what they read and hear in the integrated exercise. Students must write an essay for the independent task.


It comprises of four tasks,  which are independent and integrated speaking test. Students must respond to opinion questions concerning various aspects of academic life in the two independent activities. The student must listen to passages and then summarize and express thoughts on the information in two integrated reading, listening, and speaking projects. Test takers must be able to communicate facts, explain concepts, and defend their positions in a clear, cohesive, and accurate manner.



Time Duration

No. of Question


41-57 minutes



54-72 Minutes



50 Minutes

2 tasks


17 Minutes

Divided into 4 tasks

TOEFL Test Duration

Total time spent on the test is about 3 Hours.

 TOEFL Validity

The validity of an TOEFL result is 2 years.

Grading the TOEFL examination

On a scale of 0 to 120 points, the TOEFL iBT test is graded. A scaled score of 0 to 30 is assigned to each of the four categories (reading, listening, speaking, and writing). The overall score is calculated by adding the scaled scores from the four components.

Each skill has four or five levels of proficiency, and where your score falls within a certain range determines your capacity competency.




Advanced (24–30)
High-Intermediate (18–23)
Low-Intermediate (4–17)
Below Low-Intermediate (0–3)


Advanced (22–30)
High-Intermediate (17–21)
Low-Intermediate (9–16)
Below Low-Intermediate (0–8)


Advanced (25–30)
High-Intermediate (20–24)
Low-Intermediate (16–19)
Basic (10–15)
Below Basic (0–9)


Advanced (24–30)
High-Intermediate (17–23)
Low-Intermediate (13–16)
Basic (7–12)
Below Basic (0–6)


Lakehead Education’s TOEFL classes

Our session lasts six weeks and is delivered in a cyclic structure. The TOEFL program is designed to provide individuals with the necessary skills and approaches they will need to attempt the TOEFL test with ease, assurance and to succeed gracefully. The program will also provide learners with extensive practice in each module, assuring that they understand how to make the most of their time and resource. Learners will indeed take formative assessments for each competency in exam conditions, with experts providing constructive direction to help them succeed.

  • TOEFL Teaching Material at Their Finest
  • Educators who are most skilled and collaborative
  • There is indeed a great deal of support everywhere.
  • Practice/ Mock Exams
  • Tests and evaluation on demand.
  • The daily tasks are designed to give you regular habit in order to help you reach your full potential.
  • Classes for Revision

TOEFL Details in Nepal

TOEFL Test Fee: US $185