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IELTS Overview

IELTS is a shorthand for “International English Language Testing       System” which is a test of English language competency.

The IELTS examination is available in two versions:

1. Academic

The academic format is aimed at students enthusiastic in enrolling in universities and higher educational establishments, along with experts including medical professionals who wish to study or practice.

2. General Training

The General Training Edition is aimed at individuals who aspire to partake in non-academic learning or profession on immigration grounds.

Structure of IELTS


A recording is presented there in center lasting 30 minutes, with just an extra 10 minutes for transferring responses to the test paper.

• Candidates receive 30 minutes to pay heed to 4 recordings and complete 10 questions that can be answered on each one.

• 1st Recording - Dialogue in a common situation.

• The second recording is a monologue about a societal issue.

• Academic Discussion – 3rd Recording

• 4th Recording — Monologue in a classroom setting.


• A format for reading comprehension.

• Candidates will be required to read three passages.

• Each passage is around 1000 words long.

• 12/14 objective questions depending upon every passage

• All responses must be entered on a test paper.


1st Task:

• Writing a written report on graphical data.

• Informative writing along with at least 150 words

• Suggested Timeframe: 20 minutes

2nd Task:

• Essay writing on a specific topic.

• Compelling and descriptive essay of the at least 250 words

• Time to complete: 40 minutes


• An oral structured one-on-one interaction.

• Conversation with an oral evaluator in person.

• General Introduction (Part 1) (4-5 minutes)

• The second part is titled "The Long Turn." 2 minutes of uninterrupted speaking on a specific topic

• Discussion in the third part. Concepts that are much more conceptual (4–5 minutes)



Time Duration

 No. of Question





60 Minutes



60 Minutes



11-14 Minutes

Divided into 3 Parts


IELTS Test Duration

Total time spent on the test is 2 hours and 45 minutes.

The first three components – Listening, Reading, and Writing (in that arrangement) – are carried out in a single day without any interruptions. However, the Speaking segment may very well be undertaken at the examination center's decision which can be taken up to a week before or after the other components.

IELTS Validity

The validity of an IELTS result or Test Report Form (TRF) is 2 years.

Grading the IELTS examination

Band 9 -Expert User

The individual involved in the assessment has complete linguistic competence. Their English is accurate, precise, and conversational, and they exhibit profound comprehension.

Band 8 - Very Good User

The individual involved in the assessment exhibits comprehensive grasp of the language, with nothing but minor inaccuracies and incorrect speech. Given unfamiliar settings, they might misinterpret certain aspects. They are adept at discussing both precise and complicated concerns.

Band 7 - Good User

The individual involved in the assessment really does have a solid proficiency in the language, while there are infrequent inconsistencies, incorrect speech, and ambiguities. They can normally deal with sophisticated language and grasp comprehensive arguments.

Band 6 - Competent User

The individual involved in the assessment has a great understanding of the language albeit occasional inaccuracies, incorrect phrasing, and misconceptions. In familiar contexts, they can use and comprehend relatively complicated communication.

Band 5 – Modest User

The individual involved in the assessment has a minimal understanding of the language and can handle understanding analysis and interpretation in most instances, yet they are inclined to make numerous errors. Around their own field, they should really be capable of handling basic communication.

Band 4 – Limited User

The individual involved in the assessment has limited skills and is restricted to concrete situations They tend to exhibit difficulties with comprehension as well as communication. They are unable to communicate in a complicated manner.

Band 3 -  Extremely Limited User

The individual involved in the assessment simply communicates and gets common meaning in very similar situations. There seem to be a lot of interaction problems.

Band 2 – Intermittent User

The individual involved in the assessment has difficulty in spoken and written English.

Band 1 – Non-User

The individual involved in the assessment has no linguistic abilities with the exception of some individual words.

Band 0 -  Did not attempt the test

The individual involved in the assessment did not respond to the queries

Lakehead Education’s IELTS classes

Our session lasts six weeks and is delivered in a cyclic structure. The IELTS program is designed to provide individuals with the necessary skills and approaches they will need to attempt the IELTS test with ease, assurance and to succeed gracefully. The program will also provide learners with extensive practice in each module, assuring that they understand how to make the most of their time and resource. Learners will indeed take formative assessments for each competency in exam conditions, with experts providing constructive direction to help them succeed.

  • IELTS Teaching Material at Their Finest
  • Educators who are most skilled and collaborative
  • There is indeed a great deal of support everywhere.
  • Practice/ Mock Exams
  • Tests and evaluation on demand.
  • The daily tasks are designed to give you regular habit in order to help you reach your full potential.
  • Classes for Revision

IELTS Details in Nepal

IELTS Academic Test Fee: NPR 25,300

IELTS General Training Test Fee: NPR 25,300