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PTE-A Overview

The "Pearson Test of English Academic," or PTE-A, is a computer-based English proficiency test that concentrates on real English used throughout academic settings. Students will hear a variety of dialects and academic language used in higher education institutions in English-speaking countries throughout the test. This test is powered by artificial intelligence (AI), and unlike traditional grading systems, the PTE grading is fully objective and free of human prejudice.

Structure of PTE-A


It comprises of the following phases, in which applicants must complete the following tasks within a given time frame.

  • Personal Introduction (30 sec)
  • Read aloud (6-7)
  • Repeat sentence (10-12)
  • Describe Image(3-4)
  • Retell Lecture (1-2)
  • Answer short question (5-6)
  • Summarize written text (1-2)
  • Essay (1-2) (28-36 questions in total)


It is divided into the following sections, each of which requires applicants to complete the following tasks within a set amount of time.

  • Fill in the blanks Reading and Writing (5-6)
  • Multiple Choice-multiple answers (1-2)
  • Reorder Paragraphs (2-3)
  • Fill in the blanks (R) (4-5)
  • Multiple Choice Single Answer (1-2) (13 -18 in total)


It consists of the following phases, in which applicants must complete the following tasks within a given amount of time.

  • Summarize spoken test (1-2)  
  • Multiple choice multiple answer (1-2)  
  • Fill in the blanks (2-3)  
  • Highlight the correct summary (1-2)  
  • Multiple choice –single answer (1-2) 
  • Select missing word (1-2)  
  • Highlight incorrect words (2-3) 
  • Write from dictation (3-4) (12-20 questions in total) 



Time Duration

No. of Question


54-67 minutes



29-30 Minutes



30-43 Minutes

2 tasks

PTE-A Test Duration

Total time spent on the test is about 2 hours long.

 PTE-A Validity

The validity of an PTE result is 2 years.

 Grading the PTE-A examination

The test is graded using the Global Scale of English on a scale of 10-90, with students receiving a total score that indicates their comprehensive English language proficiency and a range of 10-90 points for each communicative and enabling skill score.

Lakehead Education’s PTE-A classes

Our session lasts six weeks and is delivered in a cyclic structure. The PTE-A program is designed to provide individuals with the necessary skills and approaches they will need to attempt the PTE-A test with ease, assurance and to succeed gracefully. The program will also provide learners with extensive practice in each module, assuring that they understand how to make the most of their time and resource. Learners will indeed take formative assessments for each competency in exam conditions, with experts providing constructive direction to help them succeed.

  • PTE-A Teaching Material at Their Finest
  • Educators who are most skilled and collaborative
  • There is indeed a great deal of support everywhere.
  • Practice/ Mock Exams
  • Tests and evaluation on demand.
  • The daily tasks are designed to give you regular habit in order to help you reach your full potential.
  • Classes for Revision

PTE-A Details in Nepal

PTE Test Fee: US $18O