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SAT Overview

SAT is a shorthand for “Scholastic Assessment Test” is an assessment tests that assesses and evaluates the verbal, written, and mathematical abilities for all those students wanting to pursue an undergraduate degree in abroad.

Structure of SAT 

A. Evidence-Based Reading & Writing

It comprises of the following sub- components:


The reading section of the SAT consists of reading sentences and paragraphs. The SAT Reading section includes 52 multiple-choice questions and takes 65 minutes to complete. Each of the 52 questions is generated from one of five evidence-based passages, and students/candidates are instructed to analyze the evidence in the sections before completing the questionnaire. Each passage could be between 500 and 700 words long.

The structure of the passages could be in paragraphs or integrated with charts, tables, and infographics. Literature, social science, economics, psychology, sociology, and history are all used in the passages and history.

2. WRITING and Language

Multiple-choice questions and a short essay are included in the SAT writing section. The SAT writing portion exam consists of 44 multiple-choice questions based on four texts and lasts 35 minutes. When it comes to the SAT Writing component, the goal is to assess students' or applicants' abilities to analyze and revise a passage's content. Students should ultimately modify the paragraph, identifying and correcting typos, sharpening phrases, and addressing any graphical content misconceptions. A few portions in the writing sections are accompanied with graphs, charts, and infographics. Each paragraph might be linked to one or more of the topic like science, career, history, humanities and social sciences.

B. Maths

Problems on probability and statistics, arithmetic operations, geometry, and algebra make up the SAT math section. The SAT Mathematics component test consists of 58 questions in 80 minutes, with approximately 75% of the questions being multiple-choice. The remaining 25% of questions are solution forms, in which students must solve problems, provide responses, and shade the correct numbers (grid-ins). In comparison to the other portions of the SAT Exam, the Math component is specifically intended to evaluate applicants' understanding of mathematical thinking and their able to utilize those methods for resolving actual situation.



Sub -components

Time Duration

No. of Question

Evidence-Based Reading & Writing


65 minutes



35 minutes




25 Minutes



55 minutes


 SAT Test Duration

Total time spent on the test is about 3 hours and 10 minutes.

SAT Validity

The validity of an SAT result is 5 years.

Grading the SAT examination

The total SAT score, which is the sum of two section scores, varies from 400 to 1600. The section scores range from 200 to 800, and they comprise evidence-based reading, writing, and math results. You'll also get test scores ranging from 10 to 40 for Reading, Writing, and Language, as well as Math.

Lakehead Education’s SAT classes

Our session lasts six weeks and is delivered in a cyclic structure. The SAT program is designed to provide individuals with the necessary skills and approaches they will need to attempt the SAT test with ease, assurance and to succeed gracefully. The program will also provide learners with extensive practice in each module, assuring that they understand how to make the most of their time and resource. Learners will indeed take formative assessments for each competency in exam conditions, with experts providing constructive direction to help them succeed.

  • SAT Teaching Material at Their Finest
  • Educators who are most skilled and collaborative
  • There is indeed a great deal of support everywhere.
  • Practice/ Mock Exams
  • Tests and evaluation on demand.
  • The daily tasks are designed to give you regular habit in order to help you reach your full potential.
  • Classes for Revision

SAT Details in Nepal

SAT Test Fee: US $104